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Dare To Be A Successful Woman

Written by Lucy Escobar on Apr. 4th, 2022
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DARE TO BE A SUCCESSFUL WOMAN is a book written for the woman who aspires and is determined to achieve success and who intensely yearns to develop her skills both in the personal and professional spheres, with the purpose of achieving an emotional balance to live complete and fully.


In the book  DARE TO BE A SUCCESSFUL WOMAN, the author Lucy Escobar provides tools, strategies, and techniques, based on her Consulting Method, applying the following work plan: 1. Identify the situation, 2. Proposals for recommendations, 3. Action with self-determination and 4. Obtaining successful results; This methodology makes it easier for women to overcome difficult situations such as depression, discouragement, lack of emotional strength, lack of success, and low self-esteem. Unquestionably, the book is defined as a spiritual, emotional, and value guide inherent for women to overcome fear and succeed in life.


Through the book, the author invites you to look at your essence as an indulgent, loving, sensual, happy, loyal, spiritual, grateful, and positive woman; always with the aim of contributing to and transcending the ideal world of female success.


Dare to be a successful woman is a tool that helps to design the image of a strong, enthusiastic, intelligent, elegant, sincere, independent, virtuous, beautiful, dreamy, feminine, empowered, persevering woman with invaluable strength, thus, the author encourages the woman to see her silhouette reflected in the mirror, recognizing and admiring the face and heart of a daring and successful woman.



In addition, in her work the author offers women the opportunity to recognize herself by proposing strategies to discover the dreams that inspire and bring happiness to her life; thus it encourages and motivates women to strive to make their dreams come true.


The text expresses that through the process of faith, effort, self-discipline, and commitment; the feminine vision manages to eliminate prejudices, highlighting her qualities of organization and perseverance, thus, she becomes a brilliant entrepreneur, empowered, and successful woman.


In this work, the author exposes the trajectory of wonderful women who have contributed significant scientific, artistic, historical, literary, and technological knowledge to the world during the 20th and 21st centuries. Thus, recognition is made to some women who for their valuable contributions to humanity have been decorated with appreciable distinctions such as the Nobel Prize, the honorary doctorate, the Grammy, and the title of Prima Ballerina, among others. The meritorious success that these women have achieved has been for themselves, as well as for society as a whole. It is worth mentioning that these women are representatives of various cultures and their contribution has transcended universality since in their works they express wisdom, values, emotions, and an impressive sensitivity of original ideas.


In the book  DARE TO BE A SUCCESSFUL WOMAN, the author confers the key secrets for women to magnify their personal image, as well as their language, their behavior, their expressions, and their actions. Also, the woman is motivated to feel accepted, respected, and important; through the method of ‘establishing social connections and personal alliances to achieve success. In this way, the woman achieves an impeccable, impressive, dazzling, admirable, and majestic presentation in the universe of the successful and feminine woman.

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Lucy Escobar

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