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Taxpayers Association of Oregon: The Bull Pen

Written by Taxpayers Association of Oregon on Sep. 5th, 2022
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By October 1st, 2022, a new Oregon law will go into effect that bans hiring bonuses in the name of equality (HB 2818).   The current practice of Tri-Met transit offering $7,500 and McMennamins restaurants offering $1,000 hiring bonuses will soon be illegal.

If minorities are suffering from lack of employment and businesses suffering from historic labor shortage, how does offering them hiring bonuses hurt them? — It now makes it worse.

The new law says if you offer a hiring bonus you have to offer ti to every single current employee, making it impossible.

While Oregon outlaws hiring bonuses, other states are raising their offers.

Oregon could be a job boom state, but instead we are a job-bust state as new taxes, and new government bans work to keep Oregonians and minorities job seekers down at a time when they need to be lifted up.

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

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