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What’s In Your Attic?

Written by Oregon State Capitol Foundation on Sep. 21st, 2022

Oregon State Capitol Foundation seeks help tracking down governors’ portraits SALEM, OR. 15 Sept. 2022 - In an effort to help preserve our state’s history and make it accessible to Oregonians, educators, art enthusiasts, history buff,s and others, the Oregon State Capitol Foundation is launching the Governors’ Portraits Search to locate and catalog missing portraits of former Oregon governors.   “We know many oil paintings of territorial and s…

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Producers of nine films being shot in Oregon are receiving incentives to do so

Written by Oregon Small Business Association Foundation on Sep. 5th, 2022
“The Rehearsal” is an HBO comedy series where Nathan Fielder lets ordinary people “rehearse” for life’s biggest moments in simulations he designs with help from actors and a construction crew.   Wildwood, a film directed by Travis Knight of Laika Studio, is based on a novel by Portland musician Colin Meloy called The Decemberists, which was adap…
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Fly Salem, Fly!

Written by Zachary S. Sielicky on Sep. 1st, 2022
Last month, Travel Salem, SEDCOR, Fly Salem Committee, and the Salem Chamber of Commerce submitted a letter to Salem City Council outlining critical efforts needed to bring commercial air service back to Salem.    Dear Mayor Bennett, Mayor-Elect Hoy, & Salem City Councilors: We believe in helping businesses prosper and that smart economic de…
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On the Fence?  Surprisingly, Sharing Opinions Builds Trust.

Written by Mary Louise VanNatta on Sep. 1st, 2022
Get ready for a season of nonstop political ads.  Between now and the Nov. election, you will have nearly every controversial issue forced in front of you on television, radio and social media.  These hot-button topics are going to be water cooler conversations.  While your gut reaction may be to “stay out of it” and “not take sides,” …
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Chronic Tacos Makes Their Long Awaited Debut in Downtown Salem

Written by Luis Ramirez on Aug. 26th, 2022
Kris and Angel Scott were looking into owning a franchise when they stumbled upon the California-based chain, Chronic Tacos. “We got jaded with the whole 9 to 5 thing and working for other people,” Kris Scott said. “I came home one day and Angel asked about owning a franchise. We both looked into brands. She found Chronic Tacos by looking at the Fortu…
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The Loft Studio Finds a Home in Downtown Salem

Written by Luis Ramirez on Aug. 26th, 2022

SALEM- Jennifer Jean grew up loving photography but wasn’t able to truly turn it into a career until a few years ago. 

Nowadays, The Loft Studio is thriving in downtown Salem with a large space for several different photoshoots.

Jean grew up in Salem and went to McKay High School before getting married and moving up to Seattle.

She purchased …

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Emerging Leader: July 2022

Written on Jul. 28th, 2022

Name: Alex Ferry   Title (Include Company): State Farm Insurance Agent   How do you define leadership? Someone who is disciplined in their craft that influences others around them without trying. They lead by example in a humble manner that encourages an environment of servant-based leadership. Leadership also characterizes someone who prioritizes …

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Do you have the Sunday Scaries?

Written by Mary Louise VanNatta on Jul. 18th, 2022
People call it Sunday Scaries, Monday Scaries, Sunday Blues, or Sunday Night Syndrome.  Regardless, if you experience stress or worry at the end of the weekend, you may be suffering from this common anxiety condition that hits before the workweek. What are Sunday Scaries?  They are anticipatory anxiety about the upcoming week.  The popular jo…
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Oregon’s Latest Stab at Single Payer Health Care

Written on Jul. 15th, 2022
In 2019, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 770, which established a Task Force on Universal Health Care. This Task Force was charged with recommending a universal health care system that is equitable, affordable, and comprehensive, provides high-quality health care and is publicly funded, and is available to every individual residing in Oregon. The T…
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Be Bold, Be Aware.

Written on Jul. 15th, 2022

  Nonprofit Organization: Be Bold Street Ministries  International Overdose Awareness Day Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022   In the United States drug overdose has continued to skyrocket; From Dec. 2020 to Dec. 2021, the AMA reported more than 107,000 deaths in our nation due to this crisis. With the drug Fentanyl driving this epidemic, record highs …

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