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Salem Chamber Candidates Questionnaire

Written on May. 12th, 2022

Salem Mayoral Election

Chris Hoy Chane Griggs

Chris Hoy, Candidate for Salem Mayor, Chane Griggs, Candidate for Salem Mayor

Question 1: We know homelessness has been identified as Salem residents’ number one issue facing our city today. What three specific actions will you take in the next six months to assist Council in improving this cr…

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Emerging Leader Spotlight

Written by Jacob Espinoza  on May. 12th, 2022
Name: David Qualls Title: Regional Sales Manager - The Parr Company How do you define leadership?  Serving, listening and learning. Doing these things help me be the best leader I can be. As a leader, I need to understand my people to help them find answers to their problems. Leadership is also bringing people together and maximizing everyone’s potenti…
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National Cancer Survivor Day 

Written by Kickin’ Cancer on May. 10th, 2022
Nonprofit Organization: Kickin’ Cancer National Cancer Survivor Day  Sunday, June 5th The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation defines a cancer survivor as anyone living with a history of cancer, from diagnosis to remainder of life. Although cancer is the second leading cause of death, there are more than 16.9 million cancer survivors currently in …
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Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization

Written by City of Salem on May. 10th, 2022
Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization- You’re already a member! A neighborhood is a group of residents, businesses, property owners, schools, agencies, and congregations within a designed geographical area. If you live, work, or own property in Salem, you are automatically a member of at least one NA (don’t worry, there aren’t any dues!).…
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Scholarship Opportunity for Students of Color in Salem-Keizer

Written by Luis Ramirez on May. 4th, 2022
A scholarship opportunity for underrepresented students of color in the Salem-Keizer area is one that may be often overlooked. The Thompson-Patch Scholarship Fund has been around since 1995 and has assisted more than 250 students who have faced challenges in their lives and have shown the ability to overcome these challenges.  The scholarship was named af…
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Making Sense Of Rules

Written by Mary Louise VanNatta on May. 4th, 2022
We’ve all heard the phrase “Rules are meant to be broken,” an expression from 5-star Army General Douglass MacArthur. The rest of the saying goes, “and are too often for the lazy to hide behind.”  At any rate, it’s a rule, not a law (which we are required to keep), and rules can bring out your rebellious side.  Doesn’t that mean you don’t …
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Dare To Be A Successful Woman

Written by Lucy Escobar on Apr. 4th, 2022
  DARE TO BE A SUCCESSFUL WOMAN is a book written for the woman who aspires and is determined to achieve success and who intensely yearns to develop her skills both in the personal and professional spheres, with the purpose of achieving an emotional balance to live complete and fully.   In the book  DARE TO BE A SUCCESSFUL WOMAN, the author Lucy Escoba…
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This Year, Discover the Benefits of Volunteering

Written on Mar. 1st, 2022
Aristotle once equated the essence of life to serving others and doing good. While the philosophy seems like a fulfilling endeavor, it is not quite practical given that we lead super busy lives. With our already jam-packed schedules, it is impossible to think of giving away your time and energy for free without a financial reward. However, volunteering is beneficial for several reasons, and the best part about it is that it does not have to take up much of your time and effort. The advantages of volunteering not…
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“Q” Plans a bold future integrating boxing and hair

Written by Luis Ramirez on Mar. 1st, 2022
For as long as he can remember, Quandray “Q” Robertson was always skilled with his hands.  As a youngster, he began boxing at an early age and eventually sustained a 17-year professional career in the ring. Although he never fought any massive title fights, he held his own against some of the sports’ best until he eventually retired due to injuri…
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Civility Is easy to Achieve

Written by Fay De Meyer-Aunspaugh  on Feb. 22nd, 2022
In a speech addressed the Harvard graduating class in 1968, Mrs. Coretta Scott King, wrote just 4 years after the death of her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and later the death of Robert F. Kennedy, these words: “As young people, as students, your lives have been greatly affected by the loss of these champions of freedom, of justice, of human dignity and peace. In a power-drunk society where means become ends, and violence becomes a favorite past-time, We swiftly move toward self-annihilation. Your generat…
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