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Emerging Leader: July 2022

Written on Jul. 28th, 2022

Name: Alex Ferry   Title (Include Company): State Farm Insurance Agent   How do you define leadership? Someone who is disciplined in their craft that influences others around them without trying. They lead by example in a humble manner that encourages an environment of servant-based leadership. Leadership also characterizes someone who prioritizes …

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Salem Coffee Roasters Lifts Up Other Coffee Growers Around the World

Written on Jul. 28th, 2022
SALEM- Salem Coffee Roasters is bringing a unique business idea to the Salem area. Owner Lan Marberry, who also owns Bon Mua Oregon coffee here in town, wanted to create a business that helps lesser-known family coffee growers around the world. Marberry and her family grew up on a coffee farm in a small village in Vietnam. Her father helped manage the farm…
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Local Business is Blowing Up!

Written on Jul. 28th, 2022

SALEM- Rose City Balloons started as a passion and turned into a business for entrepreneur Betsy Vega.

Technically, her creativity and business began in 2007 when she began decorating her kids’ birthdays. Her son wanted a Spongebob theme for his seventh birthday and so her passion was born.

At the time, Vega had a full-time job at a cancer center in …

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Salem Is the 9th Most Dependent Midsize U.S. Metro on Small Businesses

Written on Jul. 18th, 2022

You can see in a new report from Smartest Dollar looking at which U.S. locations are most dependent on small businesses, despite representing 99.9% of all businesses in the country and generating nearly half U.S. annual GDP, the role of small businesses in the economy has been on a decline for several decades. In the late 1980s, small businesses employed 54.…

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Be Bold, Be Aware.

Written on Jul. 15th, 2022

  Nonprofit Organization: Be Bold Street Ministries  International Overdose Awareness Day Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022   In the United States drug overdose has continued to skyrocket; From Dec. 2020 to Dec. 2021, the AMA reported more than 107,000 deaths in our nation due to this crisis. With the drug Fentanyl driving this epidemic, record highs …

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Are Salem-Keizer incomes keeping pace with inflation?

Written by Mike LaFirenza on Jun. 13th, 2022

While some workers have seen their wage gains outpace inflation, others haven’t - and rising prices have effectively given them a pay cut. Even before the current run of inflation, many workers were already in a challenging position due to slow wage growth relative to prices over the last decade. Changes in cost of living have also affected workers differe…

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What Primary Election Winners Should Know

Written by Anthony K Smith on Jun. 13th, 2022
Congratulations to all the primary election candidates who emerged victorious May Whether Democrat or Republican, almost every candidate offered some opinion about small business, and, as most politicians do, they said things like, “We need to provide more support for our small businesses because they are the backbone of Oregon’s economy.”   Whi…
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Award-Winning ‘Best Damn BBQ Sauce’ Was Founded in Salem

Written by Salem Business Journal Staff on Jun. 13th, 2022

SALEM- Mike White was standing in front of his fridge one day searching for the perfect sauce, but couldn’t find what he wanted so he decided to try his hand at creating his own sauce.

“I had a lot of sauces in my refrigerator and I’m the dude that would go to the farmers market and buy sauce,” White said. I want to taste different sauces and I could…

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Local Elections

Written on Jun. 13th, 2022

May 17th marked a turning point in Oregon politics for 2022. With the conclusion of primary races across the State, Oregon voters now have a clear view of the final slate of individuals who will be vying for elected office in our state. Below is a preview of races which have a direct impact on the Salem community, a recap of how the races turned out, and what Salem voters may expect in the months to come in the lead up to the November 8th general election.…

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