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Inflation’s Impact on the Economy and Commercial Real Estate

Written on Nov. 18th, 2022
We are amidst a significant market change. Due to unprecedented events, we are currently facing a time of transition with uncertain long-term impacts. This rapidly-changing scenario has two inextricably linked factors: inflation and interest rates. Inflation rates are the highest we’ve seen since the 1980s. It’s been top of mind for many consumers, and …
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New Homeless Alliance Initiative Addresses Unsheltered Chronic Homelessness

Written by Laura Luthi on Nov. 18th, 2022

   Of the unsheltered adults without children experiencing homelessness in the Marion-Polk region, 62% experience chronic homelessness SALEM, ORE. 26 Oct., 2022 - The Mid-Willamette Valley Homeless Alliance has approved an in-depth plan to address unsheltered chronic homelessness for people with severe service needs in the region. The Alliance plan includes ex…

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Residential Real Estate Update

Written by Nicole Fratangelo on Nov. 18th, 2022

  The residential real estate market is still active with buyers and sellers. While the market has cooled in comparison to the last two years, we remain in a market of low inventory. In order to have a balanced market we need to have six months of inventory and currently, we are only at 2.6 months of inventory in Marion and Polk counties.   This shows t…

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Producers of nine films being shot in Oregon are receiving incentives to do so

Written by Oregon Small Business Association Foundation on Sep. 5th, 2022
“The Rehearsal” is an HBO comedy series where Nathan Fielder lets ordinary people “rehearse” for life’s biggest moments in simulations he designs with help from actors and a construction crew.   Wildwood, a film directed by Travis Knight of Laika Studio, is based on a novel by Portland musician Colin Meloy called The Decemberists, which was adap…
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Salem Coffee Roasters Lifts Up Other Coffee Growers Around the World

Written on Jul. 28th, 2022
SALEM- Salem Coffee Roasters is bringing a unique business idea to the Salem area. Owner Lan Marberry, who also owns Bon Mua Oregon coffee here in town, wanted to create a business that helps lesser-known family coffee growers around the world. Marberry and her family grew up on a coffee farm in a small village in Vietnam. Her father helped manage the farm…
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Local Business is Blowing Up!

Written on Jul. 28th, 2022

SALEM- Rose City Balloons started as a passion and turned into a business for entrepreneur Betsy Vega.

Technically, her creativity and business began in 2007 when she began decorating her kids’ birthdays. Her son wanted a Spongebob theme for his seventh birthday and so her passion was born.

At the time, Vega had a full-time job at a cancer center in …

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Change of Use is the New Theme in Commercial 

Written on Jul. 18th, 2022
Obsolete design, purposes, industries, and scale mean commercial real estate is seeing a surge in a change of use.   Car lots –a thing of the past? Vacant and half-empty auto dealerships are a sign of the times. Supply chain problems are behind it; they just can’t get the inventory. This unusual situation happens to coincide with a new era of wor…
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Salem Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Awards  

Written by Wyatt Jones on Jun. 17th, 2022

SALEM OR: The Salem Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year awards took place earlier this week. Walking into the convention center downtown you would have never guessed this was the first time they had done this since 2017. People flooded under the Willamette Valley Bank banner coming together over a meal and remembrance of the prosperous community we find…

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Award-Winning ‘Best Damn BBQ Sauce’ Was Founded in Salem

Written by Salem Business Journal Staff on Jun. 13th, 2022

SALEM- Mike White was standing in front of his fridge one day searching for the perfect sauce, but couldn’t find what he wanted so he decided to try his hand at creating his own sauce.

“I had a lot of sauces in my refrigerator and I’m the dude that would go to the farmers market and buy sauce,” White said. I want to taste different sauces and I could…

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