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Commercial Real Estate: Retail in Salem by Zip Code

Written by Nick Williams on Jul. 18th, 2022

    Salem’s new Costco is complete, parking lots of our area’s shopping centers are largely full and our residents are seemingly back to normal following a Covid-induced slide in many retail sectors – particularly dining.   There’s certainly more than meets the eye, which has never been more true than now in the retail sector of commercial real es…

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Change of Use is the New Theme in Commercial 

Written on Jul. 18th, 2022
Obsolete design, purposes, industries, and scale mean commercial real estate is seeing a surge in a change of use.   Car lots –a thing of the past? Vacant and half-empty auto dealerships are a sign of the times. Supply chain problems are behind it; they just can’t get the inventory. This unusual situation happens to coincide with a new era of wor…
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Top 5 Tips for Realtors on Mortgage Lending 

Written by Sharon L. Whittemore on Jul. 15th, 2022
Unless your customers are cash buyers, the home mortgage loan plays an integral role in most real estate transactions. The relationship between buyers, lenders, and realtors is important to a successful, prompt closing. And a complementary relationship between the Realtor and mortgage loan officer is essential.    Many factors play into a successful …
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2021 Office Market Recap

Written by Curt Arthur on May. 11th, 2022



Office absorption in Salem turned sharply negative during the pandemic-induced second and third quarters of 2020. Since then, sharp swings in occupancy have been prevalent, as tenants sort out space needs heading into the post-pandemic era. In Q2, 2021, the bulk of the leasing ac…

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Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization

Written by City of Salem on May. 10th, 2022
Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization- You’re already a member! A neighborhood is a group of residents, businesses, property owners, schools, agencies, and congregations within a designed geographical area. If you live, work, or own property in Salem, you are automatically a member of at least one NA (don’t worry, there aren’t any dues!).…
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This month’s Emerging Leader Spotlight is Kelsey Oran of Hancock Commercial Real Estate.

Written by Jacob Espinoza  on Apr. 5th, 2022
This month’s Emerging Leader Spotlight is Kelsey Oran of Hancock Commercial Real Estate.     Name: Kelsey Oran   Title: Principal Broker & Partner at Hancock Commercial Real Estate   How do you define leadership?   I believe leadership is using one’s gifting’s to influence and elevate those around them. Leaders a…
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Supply Chain Disruption Slows CRE Development

Written by on Mar. 22nd, 2022

By Alex Rhoten, Principal Broker  Coldwell Banker Commercial Mountain West Real Estate   Delays and shortages in construction supply slow development and raise costs  Missing material and inventory slow commercial development. Supply chain disruptions are hitting the economy and putting multiple sectors into direct competition for raw materials. From the auto industry to commercial real estate (CRE), it looks like this will continue until at least 2023, and perhaps even longer. Just as extended waits for new cars a…

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Exit Strategies

Written by Trevor Howard and Zachary Reitan on Mar. 1st, 2022
In our business, we talk with a lot of people about a lot of things, but the most common conversation we find ourselves having is: “What happens when I sell”?  For a novice investor that likes to hold real estate, that’s an easy answer. Buy more real estate. These folks will typically leverage a 1031 Exchange to roll their equity into a larger property, or something that has more upside than their current asset.  For a house flipper, that’s even easier. Take the profit, pay your taxes, buy the next …
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Commercial Real Estate: Local Monthly Report

Written by Amanda Zentz, CBCRE MarCom Director on Mar. 1st, 2022

We’re excited for the opportunity to be the first to share our observations on Salem’s commercial real estate market with the Salem Business Journal. As leaders in Salem’s commercial real estate community, we believe the City of Salem is on the brink of a great opportunity to create a safe, clean, interactive, and inclusive city for its businesses a

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