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Ángela Andrada

A local writer set on showing the positives in the community post-graduation. Filled with energy and a degree in finance to pair with an MBA.

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Oregon’s Community Hospitals Struggle with Financial Woes Amid Rising Labor Costs and Government Mandates

Written by Ángela Andrada on Sep. 20th, 2023

Oregon’s community hospitals are grappling with ongoing financial challenges, despite marginal improvements in certain aspects. According to data provided by Apprise Health Insights, an entity affiliated with the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, the state’s 62 community hospitals suffered a collective loss of $414 million during the

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Ideal Option Opens Addiction Medicine Clinic in West Salem

Written by Ángela Andrada on Apr. 25th, 2023

Salem, Ore. –Ideal Option, a premier provider of evidence-based outpatient treatment for addiction to substances such as fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, alcohol, and polysubstance, has opened its doors to new patients in West Salem. Patients will have access to evidence-based medication-assisted treatment from a specialist in addiction medicine on-site.…

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