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Mary Louise VanNatta

CEO | VanNatta Public Relations, APR, Fellow PRSA

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On the Fence?  Surprisingly, Sharing Opinions Builds Trust.

Written by Mary Louise VanNatta on Sep. 1st, 2022
Get ready for a season of nonstop political ads.  Between now and the Nov. election, you will have nearly every controversial issue forced in front of you on television, radio and social media.  These hot-button topics are going to be water cooler conversations.  While your gut reaction may be to “stay out of it” and “not take sides,” …
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Does Your Business Have Anti-Fans?

Written by Mary Louise VanNatta on Jun. 13th, 2022

  Engagement, whether positive or negative, is still engagement. Any entity with exposure to the public is likely to attract its share of online fans. People love to follow celebrities, bands, and favorite brands. However, there’s always that group who engage purely to actively express dislike or disdain for a person or company. Welcome to the world of the â…

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Making Sense Of Rules

Written by Mary Louise VanNatta on May. 4th, 2022
We’ve all heard the phrase “Rules are meant to be broken,” an expression from 5-star Army General Douglass MacArthur. The rest of the saying goes, “and are too often for the lazy to hide behind.”  At any rate, it’s a rule, not a law (which we are required to keep), and rules can bring out your rebellious side.  Doesn’t that mean you don’t …
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