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Capital Cryo Weathers the Storm

Written by Luis Ramirez on May. 13th, 2022
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SALEM- Capital Cryo began as a business in Salem in 2017 as a form of therapy to reduce pain and inflammation while minimizing recovery time from injury or muscle fatigue.

 When it was founded, the business focused on cryotherapy and featured a cryo cold chamber for recovery and as a way to treat sore and injured muscles, fatigue, pain relief, and recovery from surgery. 

 “The business originally started off of a gym here in town and moved in 2017 to their current location,” owner Tanah Lines said. “In August of 2018, I bought the business. I just thought it was a unique business that Salem did not have, and I saw potential in it.”

 Patients were able to find an alternative form to help with their pain without taking any medication or having any surgical procedures.

 “It’s a wellness and recovery clinic that started for athletes and people in pain,” Lines said. “Cold, in general, helps with pain. I pride myself in being a natural and holistic alternative medicine.”

 Cryotherapy lowers skin and muscle temperatures and helps reduce soreness in the short term while accelerating recovery. 

 In the Spring of 2021, owners Tanah Lines and Lynn Rouse decided to expand the business and provide more services for clients.

 They added an infrared sauna, spray tanning, teeth whitening, facials, waxing, B12 injections, IV drip therapy, fat freezing treatments, Botox, and fillers.

 The goal was to create a full-service spa treatment center for folks to come and take care of their health and beauty needs.

 “The fat freezing treatments use cold to treat fat and does so many good things for your body,” Lines said.” It’s all over the board. People that want to get a facial can relax and then go in the cryo chamber or sauna.”

 The therapy is currently not FDA approved so clients will need to pay out of pocket rather than through their insurance. However, they do accept flex spending cards and offer Cherry, which is their in-house financing service. Payments for Cherry can be broken down with no interest for up to 12 months. 

 In the near future, they will also be adding a bridal day and bachelorette packages. 

 “We are going to be doing bridal day packages for 3-8 people, where folks pay a price per person depending on what they choose,” Lines said. “They’ll have a charcuterie board, mimosas, and then whichever service they go with including teeth whitening, facial, sauna, IV Drip, etc. We want to offer it for bridal parties or bachelorette parties.”

Despite COVID-19 putting a strain on small businesses, Capital Cryo was able to weather the storm and create a foundation for future success. 

“We have had so much continued support from other businesses,” Lines said. “It’s cool to see the community help out small businesses.”

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