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Senior Financial Advisor and Partner Ryan Skogstad Shaping Salem’s Financial Landscape

Written by Wyatt Jones on Apr. 26th, 2024

SALEM, Ore. – At Capstone Wealth Advisors, Senior Financial Advisor and co-owner Ryan Skogstad stands out not only for his business acumen but also for his dedication to the Salem community. Under his leadership, Capstone has become one of the fastest-growing Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms in America, a distinction noted by InvestmentNews in their 2023 report. The firm, managing approximately $700 million in assets, has more than doubled its asset base since July 2020.

Reflecting on his journey, Skogstad credits his rise in part to a steadfast commitment to his principles and community. “I feel what has helped me be most successful is simply the consistency and drive to excel. It hasn’t always been easy. But I haven’t waivered on my commitment to grow in my work life, but also contribute to the areas in the community…

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Salem Business Legacy: Amador Aguilar-Arellanes’s Cultural Vision and Community Impact

Written by Keaton Jones on Mar. 11th, 2024

Amador Aguilar-Arellanes's journey from his youth in Oaxaca, Mexico, to the founding of the ENLACE Cross-cultural Community Development Project in Salem is a testament to the power of passion, heritage, and unwavering determination in transforming communities. Aguilar-Arellanes recalls, "Since I was in middle school in Oaxaca, south state of Mexico, I was

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Salem Business Legacy: Deanna Gwyn- A Beacon of Community Commitment and Excellence

Written by Wyatt Jones on Feb. 8th, 2024

Here in Salem, where we take pride in our dynamic history and the vigor of our community, Deanna Gwyn stands as a testament to innovative leadership and steadfast dedication. Her career, spanning more than thirty years as a Principal Broker in the real estate industry, coupled with her esteemed role on the Salem City Council, delineates a narrative of ded

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Salem Business Legacy: CTEC Principal Rhonda Rhodes and Kroc Center Executive Director Tony Frazier receive the 2024 Groundwork Leader of the Year Award

Written by Naomi Yanike on Jan. 9th, 2024

Salem Keizer Public Schools (SPKS) Career Technical Education Center (CTEC) Principal Rhonda Rhodes and The Salvation Army Kroc Center Salem Executive Director Tony Frazier emerged as this year’s Groundwork Leadership Institute top award winners, graciously receiving the “Captain” award, which is voted on by the 90 alumni who have participated in on

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Salem Business Legacy: Withnell’s Way – The Path to Community Triumph

Written by Wyatt Jones on Dec. 11th, 2023

SALEM, Oregon - From a self-described "underdog" to a respected pillar in the Salem business and community sphere, Dick Withnell's story is one of resilience, community service, and the power of positive leadership. In an exclusive interview with the Salem Business Journal, Withnell, the founder of Withnell Motor Company and now retired, reflects on his

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Salem Business Legacy: Brian Moore’s Journey of Values-Driven Leadership in Business and Community

Written by Ángela Andrada on Nov. 8th, 2023

Brian Gregory Moore, CEO and owner of Neighborly Ventures, Inc., combines legal acumen with a community-first ethos in his role as a pillar of the Salem community. His professional trajectory has seen him evolve from a real estate and land use attorney to a director of real estate development, culminating in his current position as CEO.

Moore's commitment…

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Salem Business Legacy: Liliana & Alfredo’s El Torito – Culture and Community in Salem

Written by Richelle Gamboa on Oct. 16th, 2023

In the vibrant landscape of Salem's businesses, El Torito Meat Market casts a long, inspirational shadow. A testament to the dedication and passion of its founders, Liliana Perez and Alfredo Mendez, the brand has grown to encompass multiple locations across Oregon. Salem, however, holds a special place, being home to their notable grocery stores on Lancas

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Business Legacy: Gregg Peterson, A Legacy of Resilience and Leadership in Salem

Written by Wyatt Jones on Sep. 26th, 2023

SALEM - Growing up in a single-family home with nine siblings, Gregg Peterson watched his mother's unyielding determination to provide for her family. It was this observation that instilled in him an unmatched work ethic and an aspiration to achieve success.

Years later, after relocating to Salem, Peterson's dream materialized when he opened the Broadwa…

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KeyBank Donates $10,000 to the Salem Kroc Center To Promote “Been There” Program: Goal of the interactive course is to empower youth and young adults to reach their full potential

Written by Cathie Ericson on Sep. 20th, 2023

SALEM, OREGON – KeyBank recently delivered a $10,000 grant to the Salem Kroc Center to fund the printing and materials of the “Been There” program, an interactive seven-week course designed to empower youth and young adults to change their thinking and behaviors in order to make positive changes that will help them reach their goals.

Written by moti…

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Salem Business Legacy: Skyward Ambitions – Brent Dehart’s Commitment to Community Progress

Written by Wyatt Jones on Aug. 24th, 2023

Brent Dehart's multifaceted leadership story isn't merely a tale of industry advancement. As the dynamic President of Salem Aviation Fueling and Chair of the Fly Salem Steering Committee, Dehart has seamlessly integrated his professional pursuits with a mission to uplift the Salem community.

This pursuit finds its roots in Dehart's familial ethos. “My f…

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