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Chemeketa’s $140 Million Bond Aims to Equip Tomorrow’s Workforce

Written by Carlin Croff on Jul. 17th, 2024

On June 18th, the Chemeketa Community College Board of Education unanimously approved a new bond measure that will generate $140 million in revenue for capital projects, including a new science center in Woodburn, improvements to health and wellness facilities, and the creation of a trades center for technical education.

“It’s very exciting news becau…

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The Four Pillars of Sales Technology – Part 1: Methodology

Written by James Alberson on Jul. 17th, 2024

In this series of articles about the four pillars of sales tech, this is the Part 1 of Pillar 2.  As you might recall, the overarching question is 🡺  What is the intersection between optimal sales leadership… and the optimal use of today’s technology?

At Sandler, we see four areas that sales leaders will want to pay attention to. In an ea…

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The Four Pillars of Sales Tech: How To Optimize Your Sales Process

Written by James Alberson on Jun. 25th, 2024

I see four areas that require attention. We can think of these areas as four pillars – four critical supports that the most effective sales leaders take full advantage of. Building a team without taking advantage of all four pillars is, in my view, a strategic mistake.

The first pillar is sales process, which is what I’ll be looking at in this ar…

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Taxation Without Representation? The Stakes in Salem’s 2024 Legislative Race

Written by Kevin Mannix on Jun. 25th, 2024

The proper role of government in taxation–particularly without voter approval–will continue to be a key element to the 2024 election beyond the May primaries.

This is particularly evident in my race for House District 21, where my opponent in the fall appears to be Salem City Councilor Virginia Stapleton, who spearheaded the failed Salem Payroll tax a…

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Don’t fall for tax increase excuses by Salem

Written by Kevin Mannix on May. 20th, 2024

The City of Salem has canceled several beloved summer events - including Movies at the Park, First Friday concerts, and the Kids Relays - all due to a projected budget deficit. 

Instead of cutting wasteful or rarely used programs, the City of Salem apparently wants residents to "feel the pain" of the City Council's fiscal mismanagement. 

The …

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Pioneer Trust Bank Celebrates 100 Years of Service in Salem, Oregon

Written by Christian F. Hanson on May. 20th, 2024

Salem, Oregon - Pioneer Trust Bank proudly marks its 100th anniversary, celebrating a century of dedication to the Salem community and the broader Willamette Valley. Since its founding in 1924, the bank has established itself as a pillar of financial stability and a trusted partner in the region's economic development.

The bank's longevity can be attrib…

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Two Tips for Rebuilding Credit

Written by Oregon State Credit Union on Mar. 26th, 2024

Rebuilding credit can seem impossible, but with time (at least 6 months) and consistency, it’s very straight-forward. Here are the two tips for rebuilding your score: 1. Set up auto-pay so you never miss a minimum payment. On-time payment history is the largest part of a credit score (35%). 2. Focus on reducing your debt load. Pay down debt and keep in

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Salem’s Single Property Tax Increment Financing District: A Boon for Affordable Housing Development

Written by Wyatt Jones on Oct. 15th, 2023

Exploring the impact of the tax incentive on Salem's local economy and the benefits for developers and residents

As the need for affordable housing continues to grow in Salem, Oregon, the city has introduced a tax incentive aimed at encouraging the development of new construction affordable housing projects. The Single Property Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District offers a financial incentive in the form of a property tax rebate for developers who undertake projects …

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A Journey Through Salem’s Financial Landscape: Lessons from My Playbook

Written by Rick Day on Sep. 22nd, 2023

Navigating the tumultuous waves of Salem's business scene has given me a unique perspective on the art and science of small business finance. Let me share a few kernels of wisdom from my playbook, distilled from decades of entrepreneurship and mentoring.

The Line of Credit (LOC): A Double-Edged Sword

An LOC can be a business's staunchest ally or its mo…

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Salem’s New Payroll Tax Hits Our Most Vulnerable Employees

Written by Dr. Vincent Koletar on Sep. 20th, 2023

While we all want to live in a safer Salem, the City Council’s plan of a city-wide payroll tax is not the way to get there. The theory is that increasing the budgets of various public services will translate to more effective firefighting, better police enforcement of laws and codes, improved ambulance response times, and a better approach to our expand

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