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Salem Eats: The Creative Twist of Salem’s Pasta Boss

Written by Wyatt Jones on Nov. 8th, 2023

Pasta Boss is redefining Italian cuisine in Salem by empowering diners to take control of their culinary destiny. The brainchild of food aficionados Jared and Kevin, Pasta Boss reinvents the traditional dining experience with its 'Be the Boss of Your Pasta' concept. Nestled on Broadway Street, this fresh face in the local food landscape introduces a dash

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Salem Eats Spotlight: Dawn Meets BBQ at Miller’s Cafe

Written by Richelle Gamboa on Oct. 16th, 2023

Tucked away on 25th Ave NE in Salem, the aroma of smoked meats wafts from Miller's BBQ & Cafe, drawing in locals and travelers alike. Behind the savory allure is a story of resilience, community spirit, and a commitment to crafting an unparalleled culinary experience.

Matthew Miller, the heart and hands behind Miller's BBQ, recounted his unexpected en…

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Salem Eats: Battered Fish and Chips

Written by Christian F. Hanson on Sep. 20th, 2023

In the quaint town where myriad eateries compete for a prime spot on every local's list, "Battered Fish and Chips" stands out, not just for its catchy name, but primarily for its delectable dish that has residents and visitors hooked – their signature Fish and Chips.

What makes their fish and chips particularly unique? "Fresh fish," the owner proudly st…

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