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Salem Eats: La Margarita’s Enduring Charm in Salem

Written by Wyatt Jones on May. 22nd, 2024

Salem, OR - La Margarita Company Restaurant, a family-owned establishment, has been an enduring staple of the local dining scene since its inception in 1948. Owned and operated by Javier and Xochitl Muñoz, the restaurant has won over local customers for decades with its unique, flavorful dishes, particularly their signature Enchilada Suiza.

The story of …

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Salem-based La Familia Cider celebrates anniversary, expands into Portland

Written by Kathy Hall on May. 22nd, 2024

La Familia Cider Company was founded by husband-and-wife team Shani and José Gonzalez.  The couple embarked on an adventure to turn their idea to create a Mexican-inspired hard cider company into a reality, opening a Salem taproom in 2017 with their family. Now they are set to open a second location early this summer in Southeast Portland.

It all be…

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Avelo Airlines Expands Service in Salem

Written by Luis Ramirez on Apr. 28th, 2024

Avelo Airlines is set to introduce an additional flight from Salem Municipal Airport (SLE) starting in early May. This expansion, beginning on May 3, aims to connect travelers with the Bay Area and California's Wine Country via Sonoma County Airport (STS), with flights scheduled twice a week on Mondays and Fridays.

Madison Jones, Avelo's West Coast Commun…

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Oregon’s Romance with Small & Minority Businesses: The Status is Complicated

Written by Promise King on Apr. 28th, 2024

If there's anything that binds Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner and his Republican counterpart Senate Minority Leader Knopp together, it's their consensus that Oregon ought to do more for businesses, especially small and minority businesses.

The conundrum in the legislative puzzle is how to achieve the greatest business development victory for everyone. Past efforts haven't significantly changed the terrain. Some proposals came cloaked in mindless political postulations and sham appeals to greed.

In the mids…

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Decision 2024: Salem’s Economic future at the Forefront of City Elections

Written by Jonathan Castro Monroy on Apr. 26th, 2024

As Salem gears up for its city council and mayoral elections on May 21st, the business community will see significant distinctions between the candidates on key economic issues. The spotlight has particularly fallen on the contentious payroll tax proposal of 2023, which has become a dividing line for how the candidates each approach taxes and their overall philosophy of governance.

Last summer, by a vote of 5 to 4, the Mayor and City Council approved a payroll tax on Salem workers. The proponents of the tax argued that the city needed more revenue to cover increased city spending. The tax would have cost the average worker $500 per year. Knowing it would likely be defeated at the ballot box, the Mayor and Council defeated an effort by …

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Rich Duncan Construction Celebrates VP of Operations’ 20th Anniversary

Written by Luis Ramirez on Apr. 9th, 2024

Nate Cook, Vice President of Operations at Rich Duncan Construction, recently celebrated his 20th anniversary with the company. Cook, a business partner at the firm, was honored with a celebration marking this significant milestone.

"We organized a social hour at Rudy’s, where Rich surprised him with a blue Corvette," said Brooke Scott, Communications C…

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White’s Restaurant: A Beacon of Comfort Food in Salem’s Culinary Landscape

Written by Wyatt Jones on Apr. 7th, 2024

Nestled in the heart of Salem, White's Restaurant has emerged as a cornerstone of culinary tradition, offering a haven of comfort food to the community for 88 years. This enduring legacy is the work of Mike and Nicole White, whose foray into the restaurant industry is a blend of passion and destiny.

Mike White, leveraging his five-year tenure in fine dini…

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Two Tips for Rebuilding Credit

Written by Oregon State Credit Union on Mar. 26th, 2024

Rebuilding credit can seem impossible, but with time (at least 6 months) and consistency, it’s very straight-forward. Here are the two tips for rebuilding your score: 1. Set up auto-pay so you never miss a minimum payment. On-time payment history is the largest part of a credit score (35%). 2. Focus on reducing your debt load. Pay down debt and keep in

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Had heart trouble? Six lifestyle changes to consider

Written by Salem Health Community Health Education Center on Mar. 25th, 2024

Lifestyle factors have a huge influence on your overall health as well as your risk for future cardiovascular issues. This list is probably nothing new, but that doesn't mean it's not important!

If you smoke, quit. Smoking damages your heart, lungs and blood vessels, and makes it harder for your body to repair itself. Eat a nutrient-rich, low-choles…
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Salem Business & Political Roundtable: Rethinking State Housing Strategies with a Focus on Human Dignity

Written by Promise King on Mar. 20th, 2024

The recent legislative endeavors to address Oregon's housing crisis are marked by an influx of financial investment and nods to cultural initiatives but lack meaningful substance. Many of these proposals overlook innovative approaches to housing affordability and miss crucial opportunities for investments in construction workforce training - a pivotal fac

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