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Growing Restaurants Bring Flavors of Mexico to Salem

Written by Kathy Hall on Feb. 8th, 2024

Two homegrown businesses are kicking off 2024 with energy, optimism, and Mexican-inspired food.  Fiesta Pizza and Delicias Oaxaqueñas are local restaurants that both have opened their doors in new locations.  This might be a positive sign that Salem’s restaurants are making a steady comeback after rough times during the pandemic.

A U.S. resta…

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What is Happening in the Legislature and What to Know About the Process

Written by Promise King on Feb. 8th, 2024

Business & Political Roundtable 

It seems "bipartisanship" long suppressed by zealous partisan hacks, is on the agenda in this short legislative session. 

Senate Minority and Majority leaders Tim Knopp and Rob Wagner seem locked in a unison dance about the prospect of a session buffeted by bipartisan considerations.  I'd hold my applause…

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Is your sales team’s “Call to Action” repelling more buyers than it attracts?

Written by James Alberson on Feb. 8th, 2024

We’re all taught at some point that we need to ask for a Call to Action (CTA)– a request that the person we’re talking to commit to do something. And usually, we make that request. But how effectively?

The landscape has changed. The CTAs that worked a decade ago with a brand-new contact simply aren’t effective anymore. They don’t set us apart fr…

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Sequoia Crossings Opens Their Doors in Northeast Salem

Written by Luis Ramirez on Feb. 8th, 2024

Salem’s newest affordable housing unit opened its doors on January 30 during a ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

The project is called Sequoia Crossings (2950 Broadway St NE, Salem), which features 60 units to help previously homeless folks transition into housing.

The Salem Housing Authority oversaw the project and had initially demolished distressed p…

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The Corporate Transparency Act: A Closer Look for Business Owners

Written on Jan. 9th, 2024

As of January 1st, the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) has become a substantial reality for businesses across the nation. This comprehensive legislation brings with it a myriad of implications that demand our attention as members of the business community. As fellow business owners, it is essential to dissect the CTA's facets and to contemplate how it mi

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Publisher Perspectives: Navigating Crime and Business Growth in Salem

Written by Jonathan Castro Monroy on Jan. 9th, 2024

As an immigrant from Mexico and a long-standing resident of Salem, I've come to understand the evolving dynamics of our community, especially in terms of crime and its impact on the business environment. The intricate relationship between crime legislation, its broader social implications, and the local business landscape is complex and warrants careful c

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Kingdom City Coffeehouse: Brewing More Than Just Coffee in the Heart of Salem

Written by Luis Ramirez on Jan. 9th, 2024

Kingdom City Coffeehouse is the latest addition to the downtown scene in Salem.

Owners Devin and Rebecca Brown opened the coffee shop in the fall and have quickly developed a following in the community. 

Their love for coffee was first developed while Devin was teaching in France. 

 “I really fell in love when I was in France in 201…

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Merging Futures: Kroger-Albertsons Deal and Its Impact on Oregon’s Grocery Landscape

Written by Kevin Mannix on Dec. 14th, 2023

With the holiday shopping season upon us, we are reminded of how important access to local stores and products right here in our community is to our everyday lives. I recently participated in a conversation about the proposed merger of Kroger (Fred Meyer) and Albertsons, currently under consideration by the Federal Trade Commission. If approved, the merge

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Salem City Council budget deficit strategies: Will these be new or more of the same in 2024?

Written by Naomi Yanike on Dec. 14th, 2023

The Salem City Council has returned to the drawing board with a two-fold strategy to gain revenue and to protect the budget, hoping to solve Salem's projected $19.4 million deficit after the employee payroll tax failed on the November 2023 ballot. 

But there continues to be much debate over how much of the deficit should be made up by more proposed t…

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The President’s Pen: Data-Driven Insights for Small Businesses to Thrive During the Holidays

Written by Jesse Lippold Peone III on Dec. 13th, 2023

In the festive thrum of the holiday season, marked by the sparkle of lights and the charm of Christmas tree stands, there lies a significant opportunity for local businesses, the pillars of our communities. This year, with shoppers weaving through the labyrinth of gift-giving, small businesses are positioned to seize a substantial portion of the local mar

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