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Mayra Rocha Pioneers Real State and Community Service

Written by Wyatt Jones on Apr. 26th, 2024

Salem stands proud of its entrepreneurs who not only push the bounds of their industries but also forge deep connections within their community. One such trailblazer is Mayra Rocha, Principal Broker and Owner of Rocha Realty LLC, and Rocha Contracting and Reforestation LLC. With a deep-rooted commitment to fostering community growth and inclusion, Rocha has …

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Salem Rising Star: Bryce Petersen Shaping a Better Future

Written by Christian F. Hanson on Mar. 7th, 2024

Salem's business community boasts a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the greater good in Bryce Petersen. With leadership roles in Community First Solutions LLC and Petersen Auto Appraisals LLC, his career journey stands as a powerful narrative of ambition, mentorship, and a commitment to positive change.

Bryce Petersen embarked on his pr…

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Salem Rising Star: Adriana Barrera’s Transformative Journey in Mental Health and Therapy

Written by Wyatt Jones on Feb. 8th, 2024

Adriana Barrera, the visionary behind Porque No Terapia (Why Not Therapy), stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and resilience in the face of adversity. Her journey from an uncertain career beginning to becoming a linchpin in Salem's mental health and addiction community speaks volumes of her commitment to fostering well-being a

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Salem Rising Star: Salvador Herrera’s Journey to Sales Triumph

Written by Christian F. Hanson on Jan. 9th, 2024

"Every challenge is an opportunity to excel," states Salvador Herrera, Salem's Rising Star. Recognized as the top Sales Surgical Workflows Representative for Getinge in the United States in 2023, Herrera's journey is a compelling tale of ambition, resilience, and a profound impact on Salem's business environment.

Herrera, an Eastern Oregon University grad…

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Salem Rising Star: Katie Costic – Charting a Path of Innovation and Community Leadership

Written by Christian F. Hanson on Dec. 12th, 2023

SALEM, Ore. - Katie Costic, a name now synonymous with dynamic leadership in Salem, has swiftly risen through the ranks of professional success, leveraging her local roots and innovative spirit. Her journey, marked by a blend of passion for the community and a strategic approach to career development, offers a unique perspective on success in today's fa

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Salem Rising Star: Jason Conrad – A Portrait of Leadership Beyond the Court

Written by Christian F. Hanson on Nov. 8th, 2023

In the high-stakes world of professional sports, it's rare to find a leader who has traversed the realms of athlete, artist, and altruist with equal fervor. Meet Jason Conrad, the owner of a professional basketball team in Salem, whose journey from the canvas to the court has been anything but conventional.

Conrad's odyssey began at California State Unive…

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Salem Rising Star: Connor Reiten’s Visionary Journey in the Pacific Northwest Energy Landscape

Written by Richelle Gamboa on Oct. 12th, 2023

In the dynamic hallways of PNGC Power, Vice President of Government Affairs, Connor Reiten, is more than just a high-ranking executive; he's the embodiment of commitment, determination, and innovation.

Emerging from a background rich in politics and advocacy, Reiten's trajectory is a testament to tenacity. From navigating the political maelstroms of state…

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Rising Star: Manny Cruz, A self-made businessman in the construction industry 

Written by Christian F. Hanson on Sep. 21st, 2023

In the sprawling cityscape of Salem, a new star has risen in the realm of construction. Manny Cruz is a self-made businessman, entrepreneur, and contractor who has framed homes in prominent projects and seeks to shape the city's architectural future.

Meet the man behind Lex GC, an entity rapidly gaining a reputation in Salem's construction industry. Despi…

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Salem’s Rising Star: Josh Kay

Written by Christian F. Hanson on Jul. 13th, 2023

Josh Kay, a distinguished name in Salem's commercial real estate industry, exemplifies how patience, active listening, and mentoring can significantly shape a prosperous career. As an alumnus of Linfield University with degrees in Business and Political Science, Kay incorporates a unique blend of discipline, strategic thinking, and problem-solving into th

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