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Capitol Auto Group’s Monumental Donation Sets New Standard for Community Engagement

Written by Keaton Jones on Apr. 29th, 2024

In an unprecedented display of community support and corporate philanthropy, Capitol Auto Group (CAG), located in Salem, has captured attention with its record-setting donation of $402,000 to the United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley (UWMWV). This substantial gift not only emphasizes CAG’s dedication to community welfare but also continues a longstanding tradition of generosity, with the company having donated over $2.5 million to the charity over the last decade.

The latest fundraising endeavor, led by Capitol’s trio of dealerships—Subaru, Chevrolet/Cadillac, and Toyota—exceeded its goal, surpassing the $400,000 mark to reach an impressive $402,000. This milestone was celebrated on March 15 with Jim Cooper, President and CEO of United Ways of the Pacific Northwest & Olympia, along with leaders from Salem’s United Way, marking a significant moment in the company’s philanthropic history.

Carrie Casebeer, CAG’s Marketing Director, reflected on this year’s campaign’s success, stating, “We set out to raise $400,000, and this year’s campaign brought in $402,000. This is $17,000 more than in 2023.” Casebeer’s comments not only highlight the 2024 campaign’s achievement but also underscore the enthusiastic involvement of Capitol Auto Group’s employees, with 81% of the staff contributing to the cause.

CAG’s philanthropic initiatives significantly impact beyond monetary contributions, fostering a culture of generosity and community support among its employees. “At Capitol, we pride ourselves on cultivating not only a workforce of exceptional talent but also on nurturing a philanthropic spirit within our employees,” Casebeer added, emphasizing the company’s dual focus on corporate achievement and community welfare.

Rhonda Wolf, CEO of UWMWV, commended Capitol Auto Group’s efforts, saying, “This record-breaking campaign from Capitol Auto speaks volumes about their commitment. It’s not just business for them; it’s about genuinely caring for their community, neighbors, and friends,” Wolf stated, underlining the broader impact of CAG’s contributions on community well-being.

The “29 Days of Love” campaign, themed “Year of the Dragon,” was enhanced by various fundraising activities that engaged both the community and CAG employees. Activities ranging from eating contests and silent auctions to cornhole tournaments and staff luncheons not only raised significant funds but also united the community for a common cause.

Capitol Auto Group’s long-standing presence in the Greater Salem area, for 96 years, along with its recognition as a Top 100 Company to Work For by Automotive News, highlights its commitment to both business excellence and community service. This latest donation to UWMWV is a testament to the company’s steadfast dedication to positively impacting the lives of those in Polk, Marion, and Yamhill Counties.

As Capitol Auto Group continues to set the standard in corporate philanthropy, its contributions extend beyond the monetary, inspiring a legacy of generosity and community engagement that is set to endure for generations.

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