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Do you have the Sunday Scaries?

Written by Mary Louise VanNatta on Jul. 18th, 2022
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People call it Sunday Scaries, Monday Scaries, Sunday Blues, or Sunday Night Syndrome.  Regardless, if you experience stress or worry at the end of the weekend, you may be suffering from this common anxiety condition that hits before the workweek.

What are Sunday Scaries?  They are anticipatory anxiety about the upcoming week.  The popular job website Monster conducted a global survey, reporting that 76% of USA respondents experienced significant apprehension before Monday.  Unlike an anxiety disorder, the scaries are characterized by a spike Sunday night, subsiding over the first days of the workweek. 


Some symptoms of the Sunday Scaries can include: 

Physical symptoms:  Headaches, body aches, stomach ache, sleeplessness;

Mental symptoms:  Brain fog, racing thoughts, generalized worry.


Reasons for the scaries

Maybe you’ve had a little too much fun on the weekend…you’re tired and don’t feel ready for the week.

You haven’t kept a consistent schedule with sleep and eating, and your body just doesn’t feel “right.”

You have enjoyed your weekend, are experiencing some sadness that it’s over, and dreading a stressful week.

You may not have accomplished what you needed during the weekend and are overwhelmed.


Coping solutions for the scaries.

Prepare for Monday morning  (create to-do lists, set out everything, make meals, etc.).

Use relaxation techniques (breathing, walking, meditation/prayer).

Create a fun, restful  Sunday night routine to look forward to (favorite show, meal, call to a friend).

Recognize your symptoms and work to disrupt what triggers the uneasiness on Sunday.

Schedule an enjoyable activity during the week and focus on that.

Let go of what you can’t control and focus on “now” –not what might occur on Monday.

Just know that the Sunday Scaries are normal.  Remember, if you experience debilitating anxiety before every workweek, explore ways to understand and/or alleviate your fear with a professional counselor or therapist.


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