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Emerging Leader: July 2022

Written on Jul. 28th, 2022
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Name: Alex Ferry


Title (Include Company): State Farm Insurance Agent


How do you define leadership?

Someone who is disciplined in their craft that influences others around them without trying. They lead by example in a humble manner that encourages an environment of servant-based leadership. Leadership also characterizes someone who prioritizes personal development and maintains self-awareness. I would add that a key characteristic to any successful and respected leader is being ethical, filled with integrity, and having a genuine desire to serve others.


What accomplishment are you most proud of in the last 12 months? What obstacles did you have to overcome? (Sorry I couldn’t pick one…)

  •       I completed a marathon. I was never a runner, but when Covid hit and gyms shut down, I had to find a way to workout without hoops and weights. I had to overcome injuries, the weather, and people’s doubts. It wasn’t just a flat marathon either, but one that was near Mount Hood with 1,500 ft of elevation gain.


  •       I am most proud of opening my own business in November 2022. The obstacles I had to overcome in starting this venture were starting a family and the everchanging events going on in our world. The challenges continue after being six months in, but seeing what has already been overcome makes it easier to look forward.


  •       My wife and I had our first child in Feb. 2022. This was actually a drawn-out process for the two of us in that it took nearly three years, lots of doctors appointments, and lots of prayer. We are very thankful!


What has you most excited about Salem right now? Why?

The opening of doors. I feel like a lot of people and industries put life on pause for a couple of years, but I am noticing a lot more activity. Seeing businesses and restaurants getting more involved in the community and focusing on marketing again is encouraging.



What is one item under $50 you feel like every Emerging Leader in Salem should own, and why?

  •       A white pair of sneakers. Low-key should be the new dress code for this crew. Whether they stay a crisp white and clean or they get dirty and show that you are moving and shaking in the community – it doesn’t matter.




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