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From the Desk of Salem City Councilor Jose Gonzalez

Written by Jose Gonzales on Jan. 9th, 2024
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I know what most of us are thinking as we enter 2024. Thoughts about our families, careers, businesses, health, and aging are common – I’m no exception; these are on my mind too. As a Salem City Councilor, one comforting thought is knowing the significance of my voice. My words have influenced the city’s operations, even if it’s just by about 1%, but the impact will become more visible over time.

Finding ways to take control of my life has been a game changer. Running for office is a prime example. It’s an experience I believe everyone should try at least once. You don’t have to aim for a high-profile position – joining a Neighborhood Association or a Parent Teacher Club at a local school can be equally meaningful. Remember, if you’re not actively involved in making decisions about your life, someone else will be. That’s the simple truth.

Many reasons might prevent you from running for office, but you can still be influential. Build relationships with those in positions of influence. As a City Councilor, I receive thousands of emails, calls, and social media messages, yet the genuine ones seeking a real relationship stand out.

While I don’t know exactly what 2024 holds, I’m doing all I can locally to ensure our families, charities, and businesses thrive. However, I’m only part of the equation – the other part is YOU. The City Council’s decision on the Salem Payroll Tax, which I repeatedly opposed before it was voted for without a public vote, is a testament to your power. As chair of the Finance Committee, I warned them of the mistake based on the REAL conversations I’ve had with many of you about your personal finances.

It’s clear that YOU have more influence than you may think. Count on me to bring your voice to the Council. We need it. Thank you, and I wish everyone a fantastic 2024. Gracias!

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