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Local Entrepreneur Launches New Business to Revolutionize the Real Estate Market

Written by Salem Business Journal Staff on Feb. 11th, 2022

As a local designer with a background in design, fashion merchandising and real estate, Taylor Alexandra uses her expertise to increase the appeal of each home and get more potential buyers in the door. Her education includes Heritage School of Interior Design, and she is also a Master Level Certified Staging Professional and active member of the Real Estate Staging Association. 


Taylor has been trained to use staging design strategies to help home buyers visualize their dream life in the homes she stages. One of the big goals is to show buyers how dreamy, romantic, and well-balanced their life in the new home could be. When a buyer truly loves a home, they are so much more likely to pay a higher dollar for it. 


Many people ask “why is staging important in such a hot seller’s market?”. While it is true that many homes in our market are going under contract quickly, we have also been seeing many of those contracts fall through. Because there is so much competition between buyers, people tend to make quick, impulsive offers. When a buyer is not IN LOVE with the home, they are more likely to back out when they get a bad inspection or low appraisal. In this demanding Willamette Valley seller’s market, when a contract falls through and gets put back on the market, we see many buyers assuming that there is a major problem with the home.


Online photos are the new “curb appeal”. Over 83% of buyers are saying that photos are the most important factor in picking homes to tour. The photos must be eye-catching and have a “wow” factor! Our goal is for the buyer to be “sold” on the home before ever viewing it in person. Vacant rooms tend to lack emotional connectivity for the potential buyers!


A professional real estate photographer in the area had expressed that when shooting vacant rooms you tend to lose the scale. Having something in the room to give viewers a better sense of size is extremely helpful. Empty rooms look smaller than staged rooms, and one thing buyers are always looking for is more space! 


In a buyer’s market, staging helps sell homes quickly. In a seller’s market, staging helps get top dollar for the home and decreases the likelihood of the contract falling through. Regardless of whether it is a seller’s market or a buyer’s market, staging is a smart investment when selling a home.


By working with Alexandra Interiors & Staging, you can rest assured the investment you make will help your home sell faster and for more money.

Salem Business Journal Staff

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