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Oregon’s  2023 Teacher of the Year was named Rosa Floyd of Woodburn. 

Written on Mar. 21st, 2023
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Rosa’s heart for her students has rippled beyond her classroom to positively impact her Woodburn community.

See a Need, Fill a Need

Rosa’s journey to teaching was a bit more roundabout than the usual path. After moving to Hillsboro from Guadalajara, Mexico, Rosa quickly found a calling in supporting the community’s Spanish-speaking migrant families through education. So, she traded in her degree in Architecture for a teaching license and has spent the last twenty years teaching dual immersion kindergarten and so much more. This is because Rosa is teaching more than language. 

86% of Rosa’s students are Latina, and her holistic teaching style combines language lessons and celebrations of culture and heritage. In contextualizing language, she encourages pride and connection to community in her students and their families, which she hopes will create unity through understanding.

“This learning and appreciation for different cultures and traditions helps our students to live with and understand other people.”

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