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Salem Youtuber Grows Channel Into Business

Written on Mar. 1st, 2022
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MattyTingles, a West Salem, Oregon resident, and online content creator, has grown his Youtube channel into a full-grown business by helping millions of people with his content. MattyTingles created his YouTube Channel in 2015 and it has been his full-time job since 2018. Since then, his channel, “MattyTingles” has grown to more than 500,000 subscribers and over 80 million views. “I started this channel as a fan of the ASMR genre and it’s turned into a full-on business. I just hired my first employee, a personal assistant, which has been life-changing to me and the business,” said MattyTingles.

Millions of viewers mainly go in search of his ASMR content. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is the medical term for the sensation someone gets, for example, when a person is drawing on someone’s back. MattyTingles blends the methods of ASMR with trending internet themes. His most popular videos include him role-playing characters while using specific techniques to gain the sensation of ASMR for his viewers. “Since 2017, ASMR has been one of the highest searched terms on Google in the world. I’m an analytical person so I saw an opportunity and ran with it,” MattyTingles said.

It isn’t just the subscribers and views that MattyTingles has gained through his career. With the success of his channel, his brand manager (Ben, at Human Media Group) has landed partnerships with major brands. These brand deals sponsor his content and are the main source of income for his business. Some of the major brands include Audible, Method Soap, Reese’s, and Dollar Shave Club. This year, with the expanding business, MattyTingles decided to build MattyTingles LLC. “The brand deals are where the real money is, to be honest. Once I started working with these major companies, I felt it necessary to create an LLC,” said MattyTingles.

The business will continue to put out content weekly with the hopes of hiring staff to help grow over the coming years. “This is the kind of business that you get what you put into it. I’ve been lucky enough to have my dream job for almost four years. It’s a very exciting time right now,” MattyTingles said.

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