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Salem’s Rising Star: Josh Kay

Written by Christian F. Hanson on Jul. 13th, 2023
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Josh Kay, a distinguished name in Salem’s commercial real estate industry, exemplifies how patience, active listening, and mentoring can significantly shape a prosperous career. As an alumnus of Linfield University with degrees in Business and Political Science, Kay incorporates a unique blend of discipline, strategic thinking, and problem-solving into the dynamic world of commercial real estate.

Commencing his professional journey with a multifaceted local enterprise, Kay sharpened his skills in various fields like defense contracting, manufacturing, import/export, and B2B and D2C sales. These diverse experiences equipped him with valuable insights, facilitating a successful transition into the commercial real estate sector where he has been making significant strides for nearly eight years.

A notable achievement in Kay’s career has been the strategic acquisition of First Commercial Real Estate Services from Terri Frohnmayer. This milestone, followed by a successful merger with Mid-Valley Commercial Real Estate and Jennifer Martin, has catapulted his career trajectory. Kay considers these accomplishments as substantial pillars supporting his ongoing success, enabling him to consistently deliver winning solutions for the community and clients.

Overcoming obstacles is an inevitable aspect of any professional’s journey, and Kay isn’t an exception. Rather than viewing these as setbacks, he chooses to focus on generating solutions—a mindset he attributes to his career growth.

The role of mentors in Kay’s career journey is undeniable. He fondly reminisces about his God Father, Mark Atwood, and Sam Skillern of the Salem Leadership Foundation. Their guidance has been instrumental in shaping his professional development, imparting invaluable insights and lessons.

Kay attributes his success to his ability to listen patiently and discern critical action items from discussions. These skills have significantly honed his strategic decision-making abilities, enabling him to lead with clarity and a laser-focused vision.

For young professionals seeking to emulate his success, Kay underscores the significance of fostering connections with industry peers and leaders. He advocates taking the time to genuinely listen to their advice and leveraging those insights in their careers.

To stay ahead of the curve, Kay diligently stays abreast of industry trends and developments by immersing himself in relevant literature and content. Engaging in debates and sharing insights with colleagues form a crucial part of his continuous learning process.

Despite his demanding professional life, Kay values maintaining a healthy work-life balance. His commitment to prioritizing what matters most is evident as he allocates quality time for his wife Lillian and daughter Elle Rose, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling personal life.

Kay’s career strategy is elegantly simple—consistently adding value and being part of solutions. Looking toward the future, he aspires to continue serving his clients with the utmost care and integrity. Fully aware of the inevitable disruption in the industry, Kay stands ready to adapt, always focusing on adding value and fostering professional growth. His story is a testament to the impact of resilience, mentorship, and strategic thinking in achieving professional success.

Christian F. Hanson

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