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Stettler Supply Company Marks 75th Anniversary

Written by Zev Glass on Nov. 5th, 2023
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Stettler Supply Company, a mainstay in the agricultural community of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, commemorates its 75th year of operation in 2023. Established in 1948, the company has been an integral provider of irrigation systems and services, from inception and construction to maintenance and repair.

Over the years, Stettler Supply has become a pillar in the agricultural sector by continually adapting its services to meet the changing needs of Oregon farmers and ranchers while maintaining its foundational motto, “Committed to Service.” This guiding principle has been central to the company’s ability to offer personalized irrigation solutions and gain the long-standing trust of its clientele.

Reflecting on the company’s history, former CEO and owner Bill Martinak said, “It’s remarkable to see how the Stettler brothers’ vision has flourished over 75 years. Our growth and the loyalty of our customers underscore the dedication and hard work that has been the hallmark of our company since its inception.”

In 2023, Martinak passed the reins to Taylor Meyer and Nolan Grimm of Ag Water Technologies, who have maintained the legacy of partnership and trust that Stettler Supply represents. The new leadership continues to build on the company’s reputation, fostering strong relationships with a growing customer base while upholding the commitment to service excellence.

Co-owner and Vice President Taylor Meyer remarked, “Our 75th anniversary is a celebration of the collective achievements in agriculture that our community has made possible. We’ve seen the agricultural landscape transform and are proud to have contributed to that evolution with innovation and a community-centric approach. We pledge to maintain this trajectory, supporting sustainable agriculture and remaining a steadfast ally to farmers.”

As Stettler Supply Company looks to the future, the leadership emphasizes its commitment to innovation and sustainable practices in the irrigation field. The company stands poised to continue its role as a crucial support to the agricultural industry in Oregon for years to come.

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