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Richelle Gamboa

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Salem Eats: Mina’s Culinary Journey from Laos to Salem

Written by Richelle Gamboa on Feb. 8th, 2024

Located at 3995 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR 97302, Mina’s Cafe stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of a woman who has woven her life’s tapestry with threads of culinary passion, resilience, and the desire to share her gift with the community. Mina, the heart and soul behind this beloved local eatery, has journeyed from the war-torn landscapes

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Salem Business Legacy: Liliana & Alfredo’s El Torito – Culture and Community in Salem

Written by Richelle Gamboa on Oct. 16th, 2023

In the vibrant landscape of Salem's businesses, El Torito Meat Market casts a long, inspirational shadow. A testament to the dedication and passion of its founders, Liliana Perez and Alfredo Mendez, the brand has grown to encompass multiple locations across Oregon. Salem, however, holds a special place, being home to their notable grocery stores on Lancas

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Salem Eats Spotlight: Dawn Meets BBQ at Miller’s Cafe

Written by Richelle Gamboa on Oct. 16th, 2023

Tucked away on 25th Ave NE in Salem, the aroma of smoked meats wafts from Miller's BBQ & Cafe, drawing in locals and travelers alike. Behind the savory allure is a story of resilience, community spirit, and a commitment to crafting an unparalleled culinary experience.

Matthew Miller, the heart and hands behind Miller's BBQ, recounted his unexpected en…

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Salem Rising Star: Connor Reiten’s Visionary Journey in the Pacific Northwest Energy Landscape

Written by Richelle Gamboa on Oct. 12th, 2023

In the dynamic hallways of PNGC Power, Vice President of Government Affairs, Connor Reiten, is more than just a high-ranking executive; he's the embodiment of commitment, determination, and innovation.

Emerging from a background rich in politics and advocacy, Reiten's trajectory is a testament to tenacity. From navigating the political maelstroms of state…

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