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Rick Metsger

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Musical Chairs In CD 5: Round and round she goes- where she stops, nobody knows

Written by Rick Metsger on Nov. 6th, 2023

When it comes to musical chairs, political candidates are masters of the game. Only one can claim the prize, the others are just left circling the drain. Oregon Congressional District number five has attracted four notable entrants, a Republican incumbent and three Democrats jockeying for position in a race with national implications for party control in

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Savior or privateer? The “Good Ship” OHSU offers refuge from troubled seas to Legacy’s fleet of hospitals and Clinics

Written by Rick Metsger on Sep. 25th, 2023

Oregon entered uncharted waters last week with the announcement that Legacy Health System, a private healthcare provider, would ‘merge’ with the state-sponsored Oregon Health and Science University. While the word ‘merger’ has a softer and gentler tone, make no mistake - this is an acquisition. Mergers generally are distinguished as two entities

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