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3 Tips for Buyer-Focused Conversations

Written by James Alberson on May. 22nd, 2024

If I could share and reinforce one and only skill with a sales team this year, it would be this one: make the conversation about the buyer, as opposed to about you.

In the realm of sales, there exists a singular skill that reigns supreme: the ability to center the conversation around the buyer rather than oneself. This art of consistently steering di…

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Salem Rising Star: Trevor Howard, Top Young Real Estate Investor

Written by Luis Ramirez on May. 22nd, 2024

Trevor Howard was named the Salem Business Journal’s Rising Star as a Real Estate professional making significant moves in the community.

Howard is a local, growing up in Keizer and going to high school at Blanchet Catholic. Upon graduating, he played basketball at Linfield before giving up basketball and transferring to Oregon State to study engineerin…

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Don’t fall for tax increase excuses by Salem

Written by Kevin Mannix on May. 20th, 2024

The City of Salem has canceled several beloved summer events - including Movies at the Park, First Friday concerts, and the Kids Relays - all due to a projected budget deficit. 

Instead of cutting wasteful or rarely used programs, the City of Salem apparently wants residents to "feel the pain" of the City Council's fiscal mismanagement. 

The …

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From the Desk of Nick Hunter

Written by Nick Hunter, Sheriff on May. 20th, 2024

On June 30, 2023, I was unanimously appointed by the Marion County Board of Commissioners to be the 41st Sheriff of Marion County.  It is an honor to serve as your Sheriff and address our community needs through communication, active listening, responsivity, and focusing on identifying the root of problems as opposed to reacting to the symptoms. &n

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Salem Events: May

Written on May. 20th, 2024
DATETIMEEVENTLOCATIONADMISSIONRESOURCE1 - May5:30 PM - 7:30 PMSalem Real Estate Investor's Group1230 State Event Venue 1230 State St. Salem, OR 97301Freealex@ferryinsurance.us2 - May7:00 AM - 8:30 AMBusiness Advocacy Meeting - City of Salem Alternative Revenue Task Force UpdateSalem Area Chamber of Commerce
1110 Commercial St. NE
Salem, OR 97301Freehttps://sal…
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Pioneer Trust Bank Celebrates 100 Years of Service in Salem, Oregon

Written by Christian F. Hanson on May. 20th, 2024

Salem, Oregon - Pioneer Trust Bank proudly marks its 100th anniversary, celebrating a century of dedication to the Salem community and the broader Willamette Valley. Since its founding in 1924, the bank has established itself as a pillar of financial stability and a trusted partner in the region's economic development.

The bank's longevity can be attrib…

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Salem Chamber of Commerce President Tom Hoffert Receives League of Minority Voters Bipartisan Award

Written by Naomi Yanike on May. 20th, 2024

Tom Hoffert, President of the Salem Chamber of Commerce, was awarded the prestigious bipartisan award by the League of Minority Voters in recognition of his exemplary leadership in fostering bipartisan collaboration for the betterment of the community.

Hoffert expressed his gratitude, saying he was “deeply honored to receive this award.”

Alan Rasmu…

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City’s Tax Proposals Underscore Importance of May 21 Mayoral Election

Written by Wyatt Jones on May. 20th, 2024

In April, Salem's Revenue Task Force released a 51-page document brimming with 41 new tax proposals. The list would be comical if the consequences weren't so severe, particularly for the business community.

It includes a soda tax, a local gas tax, taxing cars like property, taxing rental housing, and even tolling the Marion Street Bridge.

The next mayo…

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Written by Kevin Mannix on Apr. 29th, 2024

As your State Representative, I have dedicated my career to ensuring that our communities are safe and that justice is served. Today, I write to you about a critical initiative that I have authored, one that I believe will significantly enhance the safety and security of our state: the Oregon Crimefighting Act.  

Our beautiful state has faced nu…

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Capitol Auto Group’s Monumental Donation Sets New Standard for Community Engagement

Written by Keaton Jones on Apr. 29th, 2024

In an unprecedented display of community support and corporate philanthropy, Capitol Auto Group (CAG), located in Salem, has captured attention with its record-setting donation of $402,000 to the United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley (UWMWV). This substantial gift not only emphasizes CAG's dedication to community welfare but also continues a longstandin

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