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Allied Video Productions Celebrate 40 Years

Written by Wyatt Jones on Apr. 20th, 2023
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        It’s truly remarkable, everyone! Our hometown gem, Allied Video Productions, is about to celebrate an impressive 40 years in business come 2023. Starting as a modest crew with just a single camera and a ¾” editing system, they’ve evolved over the years, navigating the shift from analog to digital, SD to HD, and even the rise of internet video. Moreover, they’ve wholeheartedly embraced the growth of livestreaming during the pandemic.

Established by Tom Marks back in 1983, AVP became an integral part of Salem’s small business community, earning a solid reputation as they created videos for local organizations and nonprofits. The company saw a change in ownership in 2002 when three long-time employees—Dan Walker, Scott Hossner, and Jeff Hart—acquired AVP and expanded its scope. They swiftly adapted to new technologies and broadened their live event business across the state and the nation. AVP even established a satellite office at the Salem Convention Center to manage day-to-day AV.

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By 2010, AVP purchased and transformed their own building into a cutting-edge production facility, complete with a full studio, sound booth, theater room, and a pool table for some downtime. In recent times, Jeff Hart retired, and producer Brad Steiner joined the ownership group, sharing responsibilities with Dan and Scott. Together, they ensured that AVP not only persevered through the pandemic but emerged stronger from it.

As in-person events dwindled during the initial 2020 lockdown, AVP adapted to livestream technology and helped numerous clients transition to a virtual format. Their efforts allowed many events that would have been canceled to proceed in the virtual realm. As AVP continues to embrace and adapt to ever-evolving technology, they’ve tackled each challenge head-on and had the pleasure of collaborating with hundreds of organizations.

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With an award-winning team, Allied Video Productions has been recognized as “Business of the Year” twice by the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce—an honor no other small business has received and the only business to be awarded twice.

In recent years, AVP has grown even more, now boasting over a dozen staff positions and staying busy in both live event and video production aspects of their business. Their outstanding work has connected them with clients nationwide, but their heart will always remain in Salem, where the true “action!” lies.

-Wyatt Jones

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