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Wyatt Jones

Writer, Director, Editor.

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App Invests in Willamette Valley Farming

Written by Wyatt Jones on Sep. 30th, 2022
Farmland is pretty much the opposite of NFTs. There’s an actual finite supply of the stuff, it has true physical utility, and human beings quite literally need it to live. Still, that doesn’t mean every farm is a good investment. Far from it! You should check for red flags when investing in collectibles or NFTs, and farmland is no different. But how do…
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Salem Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Awards  

Written by Wyatt Jones on Jun. 17th, 2022

SALEM OR: The Salem Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year awards took place earlier this week. Walking into the convention center downtown you would have never guessed this was the first time they had done this since 2017. People flooded under the Willamette Valley Bank banner coming together over a meal and remembrance of the prosperous community we find…

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