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Salem Business Legacy: Brian Moore’s Journey of Values-Driven Leadership in Business and Community

Written by Ángela Andrada on Nov. 8th, 2023
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Brian Gregory Moore, CEO and owner of Neighborly Ventures, Inc., combines legal acumen with a community-first ethos in his role as a pillar of the Salem community. His professional trajectory has seen him evolve from a real estate and land use attorney to a director of real estate development, culminating in his current position as CEO.

Moore’s commitment to his community and faith, as evidenced by his roles within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his service on various local boards, underscores his belief in the transformative power of leadership based on principles. This foundation has shaped his approach to business, where he emphasizes the development and management of multifamily housing through the lens of social betterment and personal growth.

The creation of Neighborly Ventures marked a pivotal shift for Moore. Asked to lead the new entity during a time of organizational change, he embraced the challenge, reflecting on his capabilities and the risks associated with ownership. The process not only bolstered his confidence but also set a precedent for his leadership style—rooted in reflection and the courage to embrace uncertainty.

Moore’s tenure as CEO has not been without its trials. A pivotal shift for Moore came when internal research revealed a disparity between the company’s vision and its operations. This revelation, though initially challenging, catalyzed a transformation in Moore’s approach, spurring changes that bridged the gap between aspirations and reality. These reforms involved deeper engagement with employees and fostering leadership throughout the organization.

Moore recalls a significant turning point that impacted both his company and the Salem community—a workshop on “outward mindset” facilitated by The Arbinger Institute. The workshop’s principles resonated with Moore and his colleagues so profoundly that they sought to extend its reach, leading to a widespread implementation that affected numerous organizations and families within Salem.

This commitment to community is also evident in Moore’s business strategy, where he promotes employee involvement in strategic planning, nurturing a collective investment in the company’s future. His leadership style, focusing on a “council leadership” approach, underscores the importance of diverse perspectives and advocates for inclusive decision-making that balances a range of views with the need for decisive action.

Moore’s aptitude for diplomacy and conflict resolution was evident during a land use dispute where he personally engaged with concerned neighbors. Through dialogue and adjustments to the company’s plans, what began as an acrimonious situation evolved into a constructive relationship, showcasing the power of empathy and mutual respect.

Looking to the future, Moore sees the need for an essential shift in community perception as pivotal to societal advancement. He underscores the need for improving interpersonal conflict management and fostering a culture of understanding as fundamental to resolving deeper societal issues.

His leadership philosophy extends beyond his professional duties into his personal faith. Moore credits his spiritual beliefs with providing the resilience needed to navigate the challenges of leadership. By instilling hope and maintaining a long-term perspective, he exemplifies the importance of personal values in guiding one’s leadership journey.

For those aspiring to leadership roles, Moore offers sage advice: Integrity and adaptability are essential. Understanding one’s core values is as important as professional acumen, and the willingness to adjust one’s plan in the face of change is a hallmark of effective leadership.

Moore’s narrative is not just one of business success but of community enrichment. His leadership is characterized by a steadfast adherence to values, a dedication to inclusive progress, and a vision that seeks to enhance the fabric of society one relationship at a time. As Salem looks toward its future, leaders like Brian Gregory Moore will undoubtedly be at the forefront, steering the community with wisdom and a deep-seated commitment to its people.

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