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Salem Eats: The Creative Twist of Salem’s Pasta Boss

Written by Wyatt Jones on Nov. 8th, 2023
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Pasta Boss is redefining Italian cuisine in Salem by empowering diners to take control of their culinary destiny. The brainchild of food aficionados Jared and Kevin, Pasta Boss reinvents the traditional dining experience with its ‘Be the Boss of Your Pasta’ concept. Nestled on Broadway Street, this fresh face in the local food landscape introduces a dash of playfulness and a generous dose of creativity.

The journey to Pasta Boss, as Jared recounts, didn’t commence in a high-end kitchen but behind the wheel of a Pizza Hut delivery car. It took shape during his university days at Willamette University, where he earned the nickname ‘Foodieboy.’ Teaming up with Kevin, whose passion for cooking is as palpable as the fine sprinkle of Parmesan on a steaming dish, they transformed their vision into a community-centric pasta paradise.

The menu at Pasta Boss isn’t merely a nod to Salem’s dynamic food culture; it’s a canvas for customers to express their culinary artistry. Their dream of a customizable pasta bar has materialized, offering patrons an array of toppings in an all-you-can-eat format at a single price point. The interactive pleasure of choosing from homemade pastas and sauces, coupled with the spectacle of kitchen alchemy, renders Pasta Boss a standout establishment.

Reflecting on the launch week, Jared shares that it was the actualization of their aspirations — executed to perfection. The community’s enthusiastic reception was the icing on the cake. The Pasta Boss crew is more than a workforce; they’re a family, each member infusing a distinctive zest, ensuring that every patron departs with a satisfied belly and a story to share.

Pasta Boss is dedicated to adapting to the latest culinary trends while retaining its unique charm. They’re eyeing the horizon, aiming to stretch their pasta dominion beyond Salem with a franchise that stays true to their ethos of high-quality, bespoke dining.

As varied as the pasta shapes on offer, Jared and Kevin’s heartfelt welcome epitomizes the city’s welcoming spirit. At Pasta Boss, each dish is as unique as its creator, but the true hallmark is the dining experience — a flavorful playground where patrons can unleash their imaginations with an array of sauces, toppings, and culinary creativity.

From the first forkful of spaghetti to the last twist of fusilli, Pasta Boss transcends the boundaries of a mere eatery; it’s an experience factory, crafting custom memories one plate at a time. And in the words of the founders, whether you’re daring to drizzle hot honey or embracing the classics, the power to perfect your pasta dish lies in your hands. Buon appetito, Salem!

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