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This month’s Emerging Leader Spotlight is Kelsey Oran of Hancock Commercial Real Estate.

Written by Jacob Espinoza  on Apr. 5th, 2022
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This month’s Emerging Leader Spotlight is Kelsey Oran of Hancock Commercial Real Estate.



Name: Kelsey Oran


Title: Principal Broker & Partner at Hancock Commercial Real Estate


How do you define leadership?


I believe leadership is using one’s gifting’s to influence and elevate those around them. Leaders are most influential when they’re authentically themselves.



What accomplishment you are most proud of in the last 12 months? What obstacles did you have to overcome?

I’m most proud of our team’s bounce back from pandemic shutdowns and obstacles over the last 12 months. Hancock Real Estate is a small team of 7 brokers and between fluctuating client needs, space shifts, market changes, personal tumult, and more, our team has reminded me again why we do this commercial real estate work so well. They’re professional, reliable, and full of integrity. I’m extremely proud of the work we do and the team I work alongside. 

On a personal note, I became co-owner of our business this year and am thrilled to be investing in an exciting career ahead. While commercial real estate investing has been in my bloodline, it’s become even more powerful to harness that enthusiasm for others’ stewardship for their legacy planning. I pinch myself sometimes at the transactions and projects we’re working with clients toward.  



What has you most excited about Salem right now? Why?


There’s so much to be excited about in Salem right now. Being situated in the Willamette Valley, we’re surrounded by a rich agricultural community, tremendous investment in the industrial sector, and exciting innovations in new business and commerce. There’s nowhere else I’d want to be doing commercial real estate right now. Salem is uniquely positioned for redevelopment with vibrant community partners in the private and public sectors.  Also, springtime in Salem means one thing is around the corner: Marionberry cobbler.



What is one item under $50 you feel every Emerging Leader in Salem should own? Why?


Since a weighted blanket is over $50, I’d say a restaurant gift card to one of our fantastic local establishments. Take someone to lunch and pick their brain on their ‘why.’



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