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Oregon’s Romance with Small & Minority Businesses: The Status is Complicated

Written by Promise King on Apr. 28th, 2024

If there's anything that binds Senate Majority Leader Rob Wagner and his Republican counterpart Senate Minority Leader Knopp together, it's their consensus that Oregon ought to do more for businesses, especially small and minority businesses.

The conundrum in the legislative puzzle is how to achieve the greatest business development victory for everyone. Past efforts haven't significantly changed the terrain. Some proposals came cloaked in mindless political postulations and sham appeals to greed.

In the mids…

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Salem Business & Political Roundtable: Rethinking State Housing Strategies with a Focus on Human Dignity

Written by Promise King on Mar. 20th, 2024

The recent legislative endeavors to address Oregon's housing crisis are marked by an influx of financial investment and nods to cultural initiatives but lack meaningful substance. Many of these proposals overlook innovative approaches to housing affordability and miss crucial opportunities for investments in construction workforce training - a pivotal fac

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What is Happening in the Legislature and What to Know About the Process

Written by Promise King on Feb. 8th, 2024

Business & Political Roundtable 

It seems "bipartisanship" long suppressed by zealous partisan hacks, is on the agenda in this short legislative session. 

Senate Minority and Majority leaders Tim Knopp and Rob Wagner seem locked in a unison dance about the prospect of a session buffeted by bipartisan considerations.  I'd hold my applause…

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Charting a Balanced Path in Complex Times

Written by Promise King on Jan. 9th, 2024

Returning to journalism after a significant hiatus, I find myself in a unique position to observe and report on the intricate tapestry of socio-economic issues our society faces. My decision to join the editorial board of the Salem Business Journal is driven by a commitment to balanced and thoughtful journalism, emphasizing the diversity of perspectives i

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